2017 Hydrant Flushing Schedule

The City of Aberdeen Department of Public Works

Fire Hydrant Flushing 2017

The City of Aberdeen Department of   Public Works will be performing annual water main, hydrant flushing and flow testing throughout the water distribution system. Residents and businesses may experience periodic reduced water pressure, discolored water and possible sediment.

The water supply will remain safe to drink. Should you experience discoloration, first remove the aerator from sink faucets and clean any particles from the aerator, then flush the in home plumbing using cold water until clear, reinstall aerators. The washing of laundry whites is discouraged until discoloration disappears. If any problem continues, or if you have any questions, please call (410) 272- 1414 during the hours of 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

 Regional Flushing Schedule for 2017:  (estimated dates, subject to change)

Region #1 – May 8th      (2 Wks.)

Region #2 – May 22th    (2 Wks.)

Region #3 – May 29th    (1 Wk.)

Region #4 – June 5th      (2 Wks.)

Region #5 – June 19th    (2 Wks.)

Region #6 – July 5th       (2 Wks.)

Region #7 – July 24th     (1 Wk.)

Region #8 – July 31st     (1 Wk.)

See Regions below

Region #1

Engle Ave, Darlington Ave, Green St, Mitchell Ave, Post Road, Grove St, E. Bel Air Ave, Rigdon Road, Osborne Road, Baldwin Manor, Washington Park, North Deen, Allendale Ave, Spring Valley, & Swan Meadows.

Region #2:

Rt. 40, Parke St, Franklin St, Howard St, W. Bel Air Ave south of C.S.X, Market St, Plater St, Law St, Custis St, Edmund St, Pine St, Ford St, Lorraine St, Robinson, James St, Warren St, Carter, Wyn Mar Ave, Cooke St, Bonnet St, Carol Ave, Meeks Dr, Sunnyside Dr, Route 7, Newton St, Walker St, Cambridge Ave, Nottingham Ave, South Drive, Webb St, Clayton St, Washington St, Dorsey St, Elmhurst Ave, Holly Circle, D, Cornwall, Oxford Ave, Dawn, Joyce, Avon Ave, Harlon Ave.

Region #3:

Market St, Rock, Baltimore St, Ohio St, Bonnie Dr, Shcmichel Ave, First St, Second St, Third St, Burton Manor, Hickory Dr, Chestnut St, Plater St, Valley Dr, Curtis St, Ray Ave, Krouse St, Gunnison Dr, W. Bel Air Ave CSX to Middleton Lane, Moyer Dr, Bouzarth Lane, Great Oaks Dr.

Region #4:

Mt. Royal, Baker St, Williams, Laurel Ave, Ferndale Ave, Hemlock, Paradise Road, Colaine Dr, Graceford Dr, Burkley Ave, Hillman Ct, Roberts Way, Hillcrest Dr, Wye Dr, Holiday Ave, Woodcrest Dr, Bevard Ct, Farm Lane, Angus Ave, Union St, Clover Dr, Wren, Pheasant, Quail, Railbird, Windemere Dr, Grasmere Dr, Applesby lane, Conniston Way, Penrith Dr, Pleasantwind Dr, Beards hill Road, Manor Dr, Dennison Way.

Region #5:

Roberts Way, Andrews Ave, Bernice Terrace, Jennifer Lane, Shirley Dr, Ruby Dr, Doris Circle, Beardshill Rd, Maxa Rd, Ramsgate, Twin Oaks, Royal Exchange, Barnett, Clairion Hotel, Red Roof Inn, Beardshill Plaza, Hospitality Way.

Region #6:

Plater St, Alton Homes, W. Bel Air Ave from Middleton Rd to I-95, Beale, Brady, Fairbrooke Apts, Beardshill Rd, Middleton Rd, Market Plaza, Target, RT. 22, North East Rd, Plaza Court, Aberdeen Plaza, Warwick Apts, Cranberry Run Apts, Bush Chapel, Battle Ave, Scholfield Ave, Woodland Green, Kretlow, Cherokee, Justin, Andrew, St. Matthew, Woodedge Garth, Goforth

Region #7:

Heat Center, Technology Dr, Gilbert Rd, Ripken Stadium, Turkana, Amber, Falcon, S.Lights, Bertram, Bisini, N.Lights

Region #8:

Jason, Argonne, Gemini, Rock Glenn, Titan, Pegasus, Saturn, Fearless Ct.