Aberdeen Police Department New Phone Tree System

Media Release
New Phone Tree System

Aberdeen Police Department
60 N. Parke St, Aberdeen, MD 21001...
410-272-2121 Fax 410-272-6632
Media Release: February 16, 2017

Aberdeen, MD – The Aberdeen Police Department is now utilizing a phone tree when you contact the police department directly at 410-272-2121.

In an effort to separate real emergency calls from non-emergency calls or administrative inquiries, the Aberdeen Police Department has moved to a phone tree. This will enhance our ability to better serve our citizens. By moving to this system it allows emergency calls to be handled quickly and more efficiently. This will also allow the public to have a direct menu to be connected with department personnel without having to make contact with the emergency dispatcher. Our officers and detectives work offsite so by using the dial by name directory you can easily enter the officer’s name and leave a voicemail in their personal mailbox. Also, a list of employees and their extension numbers will be added to our APD webpage (www.aberdeenpolice.org) and Facebook page.

The following is a script of exactly how you will be prompted when you contact the APD:

You have reached the Aberdeen Police Department. If you have an emergency or need an officer to respond to your location to handle a complaint please press 1 now (dispatch).
If you are calling for information regarding a police report, parking ticket or to reach the Records department pleases press 2
To reach a member of the criminal investigations division press 3
To reach the CALEA accreditation manager press 4 (ext. 119)
To reach the office of code enforcement press 5 (ext. 121)
To reach the property officer press 6 (ext. 129)
To reach the office of the Chief press 7 (ext. 102)
To leave a message for a member of the Aberdeen Police Department press 8
To reach a member of our special operations unit press 9 (ext. 131)
If you are unsure if you need an officer to respond press 0 and you will be directed to our dispatch center (dispatch)

Prepared By: C. William Reiber