Chipper Truck Running

Due to the amount of down trees/limbs from the storm the DPW Maintenance Shop will begin chipper services Thursday 3/16/17.  We will be utilizing the same zone system as the trash pickup.  We will begin in Zone 1 on Thursday 3/16/17. Zone 2 will be Friday 3/17/17.  Zone 3 will be Monday 3/20/17. Zone 4 will be Tuesday 3/21/17. You do not have to call in a scheduled pickup in your zone for these days at this time.  We will be going street by street in these areas.  Please bring all brush/limbs to the curbside and follow our chipping procedures which include no limbs larger than 6 inches in diameter, stumps or logs larger than 6 inches in diameter.  We will begin chipping scheduled calls on Wednesday 3/22/17.  There was a large volume of downed trees and brush so please be patient with us as we try and recover from this.  If we do miss a pickup please call the shop at 410-272-1414 and let us know and we will schedule it for chipping.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Maintenance Shop at 410-272-1414.  Thanks you in advance for your patience and cooperation.