Snow Update

DPW would like to thank our residents for heading the winter storm warnings, it made a significant difference in our ability to clear the streets.  This was a very difficult storm to tackle with our crews.  We had snow starting overnight,  turning to freezing rain,  and then sleet/snow in the morning.   At this point, all main roads, secondary roads and residential streets are plowed.  Crews are on mandatory rest this evening.  We will have staff in tomorrow morning to begin clearing up the roads and intersections. 

We also significant amount of trees and branches that fell down from this storm due to icing conditions.  We will start, tentatively on Thursday, going through the City to remove tree branches that fell.  We will post updates on our webpage/Facebook an estimated schedule on when my staff will be removing limbs and branches within each zone.  If we do miss you the first time, do not despair,  please place the branches & limbs at the edge of your yard near the street and we will be through your zone again.  This process is estimated to take 3-4 days to get through the entire City, the first time.    Please note that we cannot accept tree limbs larger than 6-inch diameter, logs or stumps.    

Reminder:  Trash and recycling for Wednesday will follow normal pickup.  For those areas that we did not pick up today, we will pick up your trash now on Friday.  Bulk pickup will be moved to next Friday. 

Again, thank you for being patient with us.  Stay safe if you have to travel

Kyle Torster, Director of Public Works