1. Trash and Recycling

As of April 2017, the City ceased collection of yard waste in plastic bags due to changes at the Harford County Solid Waste Facility.  For more information please see the following link:  https://www.aberdeenmd.gov/sites/aberdeenmd/files/uploads/2018_trash_and_recycling_guide_0.pdf    
2017 - 2018 Weekly Holiday Schedule 
12/25/2017Christmas-MondayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, no yard waste
01/01/2018New Year’s Day- MondayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, Saturday yard waste (01/06)
01/15/2018Martin Luther King Jr. Day- MondayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, Saturday yard waste (02/24)
02/19/2018Presidents Day- MondayTrash delayed one day, no bulk

Good Friday- Friday

Regular collection schedule, no bulk
05/28/2018Memorial Day-MondayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, Saturday yard waste (06/02)
07/04/2018Independence Day- WednesdayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, Saturday yard waste (07/07)
09/03/2018Labor Day-MondayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, Saturday yard waste  (09/08)
11/11/2018Veterans Day-SundayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, Saturday yard waste (11/17)
11/22/2018Thanksgiving Day-ThursdayThursdays collection moved to Friday
11/23/2018Day after Thanksgiving- FridayNo bulk, Saturday yard waste (11/25), picking up Thursdays collection
12/25/2018Christmas - TuesdayTrash delayed one day, no bulk, no yard waste


Bulk Items

For large appliances such as washers, refrigerators, etc., or sofas, stuffed chairs, etc., or any metal, please call (410) 297-4259 for an appointment and leave a list of your items, your address and return phone number.  You will receive a call back.  Large appliances are limited to 1-2 items; small items are limited to 3-5 items per pickup.


Unfortunately, the City does not participate or have a way to recycle used electronics.  We suggest that you contact a business that participates in electronic recycling if you wish to recycle.  Otherwise, cell phones, charges, batteries, and ink cartridges can be placed in normal trash and pick up on your scheduled collection day.  Large electronics such as a TV and computer require its own yellow sticker and placed adjacent to the trash container.    

Oil and


Open to the public, there is a drop-off site located at 361 Michael Lane.

Containers require pre-paid Aberdeen trash stickers to cover the cost of the County-imposed tipping fee. Only trash items require stickers. Stickers should be placed on the bags or on the top piece of trash inside of the can. Stickers should be placed around the "neck" of the bag to reduce slippage.

Please be advised that the City of Aberdeen does not accept treated lumber or construction debris. For more information on dropping off lumber and construction debris, please contact Honeygo Run in Perry Hall at (410) 335-9500.

Have all items at the curb by 5 a.m. (unless otherwise specified) to ensure pickup.


Yard Waste (Collected April through January)

AcceptableNot Acceptable

Grass clippings, brush, branches, hedge trimmings, whole Christmas Trees and leaves. Bundles CAN NOT exceed 60 lbs. or 4 ft. in length.

Tree limbs larger than 6-inch diameter, logs or stumps, animal waste, garbage, rocks, bricks, dirt, construction debris, lawn ornaments.



Not Acceptable

PaperJuice boxes, milk & OJ cartons, junk mail, greeting cards, hardback books, paper books, paperboard boxes (shoe, cereal, packaging, etc.), phone books, newspaper, catalogs, paper bags, office paper, gift wrap, corrugated cardboard, magazines.Paper towels or tissues, used paper plates or cups, foil gift wrap, waxed or laminated paper, food-contaminated boxes, and pizza boxes.
PlasticBottles and jugs (milk, water, cooking oil, salad dressing, shampoo, liquid soap, spray products, etc.), disposable plastic cups, flower and nursery pots, plastic toys, buckets & pails with handles, wide mouth containers (margarine, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.), plastic lawn furniture, plastic coolers, trash cans, laundry baskets. Plastic numbered 1 through 6 can be recycled.Polystyrene (styrofoam), inserts and packing peanuts, cutlery, bags or sheeting, CD cases, motor oil bottles, pesticide or solvent bottles, plastic electronics (alarm clock, coffee maker, etc.) piping, vinyl siding, plastic bags.
Metal and GlassAluminum & steel/tin cans (drink, food & pet food), EMPTY aerosol cans (hairspray, whipped cream, spray paint, etc.), aluminum foil, aluminum foil bake ware, glass food containers & beverage bottles & jars, any color.Propane cylinders, window glass, cookware, ceramics (plates, mugs, etc.), crystal, drinking glasses, light bulbs, mirrors.
Recycling Tips
  • Recyclables are collected every week.
  • Residents must clearly mark recycle bins.
  • If you choose to purchase your own recycling bin, place one of the City’s recycling stickers on a bin of choice.
  • Large recyclable plastic items such as pails, buckets, lawn furniture, toys, coolers, etc. may be left next to the recycling bins.
  • Rinse all recycled food containers.

Trash Stickers

Where to Purchase Stickers:

Exxon, Route 40

City Hall, 60 North Parke Street

Shell, Middleton Lane

Shoprite, Beards Hill

7-11, West Bel Air Avenue


7-11, Route 40

Sunoco, Route 40


Trash Zones

You can verify your trash zone using your street address by clicking here.

ZoneTrash and RecyclingYard Waste
1Monday1st and 3rd Friday
2Tuesday1st and 3rd Friday
3Wednesday2nd and 4th Friday
4Thursday2nd and 4th Friday

2018 Trash and Recycling Guide
New Toter Program
Bulk Item List