Info on Water & Sewer Payments

Water and Sewer bills are based on a customer’s water usage. Typically, bills are mailed to the owner for owner occupied property and to both the owner and tenant for a rental property. The owner is ultimately responsible for the bill. Bills are processed quarterly for residential customers and monthly for commercial customers. Customers are charged a base charge, which is dependent on usage.

Property owners selling their property are advised to call the City to request final water read for settlement date.
Bills not paid within thirty days of the bill date will be considered delinquent and will begin to accrue interest. Properties with delinquent bills for a certain period of time are taken to tax sale.These properties  will be advertised six times between April and June and will be taken to tax sale on the third Monday of June if they remain unpaid.

Contact information:  410.272.1600 ext. 204