2023 Sidewalk Repair Schedule

2023 Sidewalk Repair Schedule
2023 Sidewalk Repair Schedule

Precision Concrete Cutting will remove trip hazards in the surveyed areas.

While the sidewalks restoration project is underway they will:

*keep the sidewalks in service

*require no heavy equipment or traffic control

*remove all debris and recycle the concrete waste materials

*leave the ara clean and trip hazard-free

Below is the proposed schedule for the sidewalk repair project and we plan to work from 9 am – 4:30 pm.

Tuesday, September 5th

  • Repairs 1 – 65, Titan Terrace Way, Pegasus Way, Saturn Drive, Fearless Court and begin Rock Glenn Road

Wednesday, September 6th

  • Repairs 66 – 140, Continue along Rock Glenn Road, Pegasus Way, and Titan Terrace

Thursday, September 7th

  • Repairs 141 – 205, Rock Glenn Road, Gemini Court, and Agena Drive

Friday, September 8th

  • Repairs 206 – 275, Titan Terrace, Rock Glenn Road & Gemini Court