City of Aberdeen Water Tower Inspections

Water Tower Inspections

City of Aberdeen Water Tower Inspections

Q.  How many water towers are in Aberdeen?

A.  There are four (4) water towers located within the City limits of Aberdeen.


Q.  Why are our water towers inspected?

A.  The towers are inspected to determine overall coating protection, general structural condition and to wash out any accumulated sediment.


Q.  Who performs the water tower inspection?

A.  The City hires a professional contractor to perform the inspections.


Q.  What are the procedures for a water tower inspection?

A.  The first step is to drain the water from the tower.

     The second step is a wash out – a pressure washer is used during this procedure to clean the interior wall.

     The third step is an internal inspection of the interior protective coating, ladders, hatches, seems, rivets, etc.

     The fourth step is an exterior inspection of the protective coating, ladders, aviation light, seems, rivets, etc.

     The fifth and final step is disinfection and return to service.


Q.  When is each tank going to be inspected?  And how often?

A.  The anticipated schedule is one every 2 weeks, S.M. 9/25. N.E. 10/9. K.T. 10/23. Advance in the schedule may be possible if the process of inspections is not hindered.