Fire Hydrant Flushing Schedule 2018

Fire Hydrant Flushing Schedule 2018

The City of Aberdeen Department of Public Works

Public Notice of Fire Hydrant Flushing 2018

     The City of Aberdeen Department of Public Works will be performing annual water main, hydrant flushing and flow testing throughout the water distribution system.  Residents and businesses may experience periodic reduced water pressure, discolored water and possible sediment.  The water supply will remain safe to drink. Should you experience discoloration, first remove the aerator from sink faucets and clean any particles from the aerator, then flush in home plumbing using cold water until clear, reinstall aerators.  The washing of laundry whites is discouraged until discoloration disappears. If any problem continues, or if you have any questions, please call (410) 272-1414 during the hours of 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Regional Flushing Schedule for 2018:

(estimated dates, subject to change)

Region #1 – April 2nd        (2 Wks.)

Region #2 – April 16th       (2 Wks.)

Region #3 – April 30th       (1 Wk.)

Region #4 – May 7th         (3 Wks.)

Region #5 – May 28th       (3 Wks.)

Region #6 – June 18th      (2 Wks.)

Region #7 – July 2nd         (1 Wk.)

Region #8 – July 9th          (1 Wk.)