New Toter Program

New Toter Program
Toter Program
The City of Aberdeen is making significant changes to the waste and recycling colletion program for residents in 2018.  On November 13, 2017, City staff unveiled the first of several changes during a council meeting.  The first significant change is the purchase of a standard 64-gallon container for every residence for waste and recycling pickup.  These City-provided containers, also known as a “Toter®”, are two-wheeled carts that allow staff to dispose of trash and recycling while providing a safer environment for our employees.  These containers will reduce the risk of injury to our employees and improve efficiency with the use of a mechanical assist lift, on the rear of the City’s trash & recycling trucks, which will raise and empty the standard bin.  The City will receive the first shipment of standard containers in the next 60-90 days.  Delivery to residents is estimated to begin in Feb/Mar (weather dependent).  Please see the frequently asked questions below for more information.  We will continue to update you on this and other changes over the next few months. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Refuse & Recycling Changes:
City staff is providing residents information as it relates to the procurement and deployment of the City-issued standard containers.  At this time, a fee structure to residents has not been finalized by the City Council; additional information will follow when the decision is finalized. 
Q:  What is a “Toter ®”? 
A:  A Toter® is a two-wheel cart (trash can) for residential units that allow City staff to collect residential waste and recycling.
Q:  Where and when do I get my Toter ®? 
A:  The FY18 budget authorized City staff to purchase a 64-Gallon Trash and Recycling container for each of its approximate 4,500 residential units (house/townhouse) that we service.  City staff will distribute the containers to each residential unit.  Each unit will receive a total of 2 containers.  
Q: Why is the City going to a standard container?
A:  Residents place bags of trash and recycling out on the street in a mixture of cans, container sizes, and bags that make it difficult for our City staff to collect.  Using a City provided container, our staff will be able to use a mechanical assist to lift the containers and empty the contents into the rear of the truck.
Q:  When will I receive my container?
A:  City staff will begin deploying the containers to your residence in the next few months; our staff will let you know when they will be in your area to deliver containers.  In the meantime, continue using your existing cans.  Once you receive the new containers you should begin using them immediately. 
Q: Is this container mine to keep?
A:  No, the containers are the property of the City and stay with the property should you move.
Q:  Do I have to use the City’s provided container?
A:  Yes. The City will only service trash and recycling from residential units with a City issued container that has a City of Aberdeen logo.   
Q:  Why must I use the City’s container? 
A:  Ease of Use – The containers are designed for easy maneuvering, even when full of refuse. Sanitation – containers prevent animal scavenging.  Aesthetics – the container’s size and shape prevent tipping over, even in high winds. The lid attachment minimizes spills, windblown litter, and rainwater infiltration, overall a cleaner curbside appearance.
Q:   What sizes will the container be?
A:   Each residential unit will receive a 64-gallon container for waste and a 64-gallon container for recycling.  A typical family, under normal weekly use, should find the container sufficient to meet their needs as long as residents make every effort to recycle.
Q:  What if this size isn’t enough? 
A:  Should you need to, on occasion (once a month or less), put out more trash than the City container will hold, you may put out your own trash container along with the City’s provided container. If the need becomes a regular occurrence, the City will require an additional City provided container.
Q:  Why has the trash collection policy changed? 
A:  This change is intended to make it easier for our residents to dispose of trash and recycling, and it’s safer for our employees to service your residence.  The goal is to provide better service, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of injury to our employees.
Q:  Once I receive my new City container, how do I dispose of my old containers?
A:  You may keep personal containers and use them for yard debris (clearly marked as such) or other purposes, or you can put the old containers out on your trash day clearly marked that it is to be disposed of or recycled.
Q:  Can I mark my container for easy identification?
A:  Yes, you may put a label with your house number or other identification on the inside lid of the container. Please do not mark or alter the outside of the container. Each container has a serial number on it which is assigned to your residential unit. 
Q:  What do I do if my container becomes damaged?
A:  The containers are very sturdy and with normal use have a long and useful life span.  Please contact our maintenance shop at 410-272-1414 if your container is damaged.  Our staff will determine if the damage is covered under normal wear and tear (i.e. warranty), if not, then the resident will be responsible for reimbursing the City for a replacement container.
Q:  What if my City owned container gets damaged or stolen?
A:  You are responsible for the container’s security. The City replaces containers damaged by the City’s collection equipment. Damage resulting from negligence, abuse, or loss, will be the responsibility of the resident.  Each container has a serial number on it which is assigned to your residential unit.
Q:  Where do I store this container?
A:  As with all of your waste, including recycling, please store the container in your garage, a shed, or behind your home. Your neighbors appreciate the most discrete storage of your trash containers.
Q:  Will Collection days or Bulk Pick Up and Yard Waste Change? 
A:  No, your trash and recycling days will remain the same.  Please refer to the link to see what zone you are in.  Yard waste will remain on Fridays per zone schedule and bulk pick up will still require a call-in at (410) 297-4259. 

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Council Presentation November 13, 2017