Sidewalk Restoration Project

Sidewalk Resoration Project

The City of Aberdeen surveyed 3 areas to identify sidewalk hazards that create trip and fall liabilities using the specification from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The sidewalk infrastructure in the surveyed areas is in generally good structural condition and ideal application sites for our precision-concrete-cutting repair method. Precision Concrete Cutting will remove all 444 sidewalk trip hazards in the surveyed areas, meeting or exceeding ADA and OSHA requirements.

While the Sidewalk Restoration Project is underway we will:

- keep the sidewalks in service

- require no heavy equipment or traffic control

- remove all debris and recycle the concrete waste materials

- leave the area clean and trip hazard-free

July 24, 2018 - Due to inclement weather the schedule below has been updated.  

Below is the proposed schedule for the sidewalk repair project.  The daily work schedule will be from 9 am – 4:30 pm.

  • Monday, July 30th:  Cronin Drive and Cross Streets, Windemere Drive and Cross Streets and Baltimore Street from 502 West Bel Air Avenue to 140 Baltimore Street
  • Tuesday, July 31st:  603 Market Street to 656 Market Street, 212 Valley Road to 230 Valley Road 
  • Wednesday, August 1st:  206 Baltimore Street to 230 Baltimore Street, 603 Plater Street to 710 Plater Street 
  • Thursday, August 2nd:  105 to 128 Gunnison Drive, 641 Elm Street to 668 Elm Street, 316 Chestnut Street to 504 Chestnut Street, 531 Oak Street to 315 Oak Street
  • Friday, August 3rd:  Finish Oak Street, and Chestnut Street
  • Monday, August 6th:  302 Baltimore Street to 338 Baltimore Street, 513 Bonnie Drive to 553 Bonnie Drive
  • Tuesday, August 7th:  514 Baltimore Court to 523 Baltimore Court, , 515 Ohio Court to 519 Ohio Court, 208 Schmechel Street to 221 Schmechel Street

If you have any questions please call our City Maintenance Shop at 410-272-1414.