Trash and Recycling Toter Information

Trash and Recycling Toter Information

Dear Aberdeen Residents,

Effective July 1, 2018, Residents should use the Toters provided by the City for Trash and Recycling.  The proposed ordinance (below) was in front of the council for a public comment on June 25.  It will be in front of the council for vote on Monday July 9.  Once it passes, all items will be mandated by City Code after the appropriate time set by the ordinance.   Until then, we encourage voluntary compliance with the proposed ordinance by using the Toters provided.  However, we will not collect fees for trash stickers. 

We have not enacted the form for residents who wish to decline services but will do so once the ordinance is passed.  Once the ordinance passes, we will provide the form at the front desk and process it accordingly

Until the ordinance passes, there is no change in the bulk pick up fees.  However, those items that cannot fit into a toter are now considered bulk.

Also, we are not enacting the fees for the second trash container and excess trash until the ordinance is passed.  Please note, that we do not have a stock pile of additional toters to meet any requests at this time.  Therefore we would have to order them for residents who wish to purchase a second container.  At a minimum it would be about 3-4 weeks out and we would also not make an order until we get a sufficient number of requests for a second container. 

We do not have any special considerations for a different sized toter or special provision for elderly or disabled residents.  I would encourage those residents to seek assistance from their neighbors if there are issues but also realize that we cannot personally pickup for each stop.  I’d like to say we can, but with 4600 residential stops a week, it is not possible to make these types of exceptions with our current staff.  Ultimately, it  is the resident’s responsibility to bring trash to the curb as well as other requirements when owning/renting a home i.e. snow removal, lawn mowing, etc.  We do not regularly enter private property to pick up trash and the resident should make other arrangements if it becomes a hardship for them.         

Lastly, we don’t have an answer for every specific question, this is new to us as well, so please be patient.   


Kyle Torster, P.E.

Director of Public Works

City of Aberdeen, MD 21001

Ordinance 18-O-19 Trash and Recycling