Yard Waste Collection Resumes April 6th

Yard Waste

Yard waste collection resumes Friday, April 6th.  As a reminder to residents, yard waste left in plastic bags will not be collected.  All yard waste must be placed in paper bags, bundled, tied or boxed. Bundles cannot exceed 60 lbs. or 4 ft. in length. Acceptable items include grass clippings, brush, branches, hedge trimmings, whole Christmas trees, and leaves. Unacceptable items include tree limbs larger than 6-inches in diameter, logs or stumps, animal waste, garbage, rocks, bricks, dirt, construction debris, and lawn ornaments. Bamboo can only be taken with your normal trash when bundled in 4 ft. lengths.

Zone       Trash/Recycling Pickup          Yard Waste                   
1              Monday                                     1st and 3rd Friday
2              Tuesday                                    1st and 3rd Friday
3              Wednesday                               2nd and 4th Friday
4              Thursday                                   2nd and 4th Friday 

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