Ethics Commission


October 12, 2022 Agenda

From Chapter 43 of the Code of the City
There is an Aberdeen Ethics Commission ("Ethics Commission") that consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council, who shall serve a term of three years each.

The Ethics Commission shall:

(1)  Devise, receive and maintain all forms required by this chapter;

(2)  Develop procedures and policies for advisory opinion requests and provide published advisory opinions to persons subject to this chapter regarding the applicability of the provisions of this chapter to them;

(3)  Develop procedures and policies for the processing of complaints to make appropriate determinations regarding complaints filed by any person alleging violations of this chapter; and

(4)  Conduct a public information program regarding the purposes and application of this chapter.

The City Attorney shall advise the Ethics Commission unless special counsel is appointed to advise the Ethics Commission. The Mayor, with the approval of the Council, may appoint special counsel to the Commission. Special counsel shall have the same required minimum qualifications as the City Attorney.

The Ethics Commission shall certify to the Maryland State Ethics Commission on or before October 1 of each year that the City is in compliance with the requirements of State Government Article, Title 15, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland, for elected City officials.

The Ethics Commission shall determine if changes to this chapter are required in order to be in compliance with the requirements of State Government Article, Title 15, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland, and shall forward any recommended changes and amendments to the Council for enactment.

The Ethics Commission may adopt other policies and procedures to assist in the implementation of the Ethics Commission's programs established in this chapter.

MEETINGS:   Meetings are held at the discretion of the Commission, as needed, and are open to the public.   All or any portion of their meetings are subject to closure under Open Meetings Act, Title 10, Subtitle 5 of the State Government Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. SG Section 10-508 (a).

Members of the Ethics Commission:

Mr. Donald Collier, Sr., Chair

Dr. Nancy Backus, Vice Chair

Mr. Will Brown

Ms. Rosalie Cross

Mr. Darin Wassum

Special Counsel:  Ms. Elissa Levan, Esq.


Please contact the City Clerk, Monica Correll, if you wish to speak to the Chair:, 410-272-1600, ext. 211. Correspondence may be mailed to:  Aberdeen Ethics Commission, 60 North Parke Street, Aberdeen, Maryland, 21001, Attention:  City Clerk

Complaints If you wish to file an ethics complaint, fill out the Ethics Complaint Form and submit to the City Clerk.

Regulations Relating to Complaints of the Aberdeen Ethics Commission

Advisory OpinionsSubmit your question(s) in writing to the City Clerk for the Ethics Commission.  Please read this link for more instructions:  Ethics Commission Procedures for Advisory Opinions

List of Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion Decisions: 

July 16, 2013
August 18, 2017