Economic Development Commission

The duties of the Commission shall include the following:

A. To identify and promote economic development for the City.

B. To support and encourage the growth and retention of existing businesses and industry.

C. To support and encourage the location of new industry and residential development within and around the City.

D. To review proposed and existing legislative and policy decisions of the Mayor and Council and to study their impact on economic development.

E. To recommend financial incentives and/or financing methods that will foster economic development.

F. To cooperate and work with other governmental agencies involved with economic development.

G. To conduct studies and surveys as deemed desirable by the Mayor and Council.

H. To support and encourage conventions and tourism beneficial to the City and surrounding area.

I. To work with existing community enterprises to identify problems which inhibit economic growth.

J. To make recommendations that generally will enhance economic growth when desirable and feasible to do so.