Board of Elections

Aberdeen Board of Elections

Charter §VII. 3.  There shall be an Aberdeen Board of Elections consisting of three members appointed by the Mayor for terms of two years, with the approval of the Council.   Beginning with those members of the Board appointed in July, 2016, members of the Board shall hold office for terms of four years.  Members of the Board shall be qualified voters of the City at the time of appointment and during their terms of office and shall not hold office or be candidates for elective office during their terms of office.  


MEETINGS:   Meetings are held at the discretion of the Board, as needed, and are open to the public.   All or any portion of their meetings are subject to closure under Open Meetings Act, Title 10, Subtitle 5 of the State Government Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. SG Section 10-508 (a).

Members of the Board of Elections:

Mr. Tim Brooks
Ms. Angela Johnson
Mr. Mark Schlottman

Please contact the City Clerk, Monica Correll at [email protected], or by phone at 410-272-1600, ext. 211 if you wish to contact the Chair of the Board.  Or, correspondence may be mailed to:  Aberdeen Board of Elections, 60 North Parke Street, Aberdeen, MD 21001, Attention: City Clerk.

For election information or forms, go to the City Clerk section of this website.