City Manager

Mission Statement: We strive to provide top notch customer service to our citizens, to our businesses and to our visitors. We truly believe that "service is our business" and we hope that this belief is reflected in how we treat those who interact with our City government. Aberdeen is a great community and a wonderful place to live, work and shop!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Randy Robertson City Manager (410) 272-1600 ext. 218
Felicia Banuelos Admin. Assistant (410) 272-1600 ext. 212
Monica Correll City Clerk (410) 272-1600 ext. 211
Bradley Grant IT Tech (410) 272-1600 ext. 206
Theresa Hartman HR Administrator (410) 272-1600 ext. 205
Opiribo Jack Director of Finance (410) 272-1600 ext. 200
Charles Johnson Safety Manager (410) 272-1600 ext. 210
Kyle Torster Director of Public Works 410-272-1600 ext. 217