Since 2010, the population of Aberdeen has grown by 7.1%. The City's neighbor's, Aberdeen Proving Ground are an essential part in bringing highly- skilled and educated workers to the City. Aberdeen's public and private schools are ranked among the highest, with Aberdeen High School at #1 in Harford County for their STEM programs.  

f  88% of residents are high-school graduates or higher

g19.5% of residents hold a bachelor's degree or higher

Civilian Labor Force:

Within a 30-mile radius, there is a labor force of 1,268,988 drawing from surrounding Maryland Counties, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Within a 50-mile radius, there are 52 Nationally ranked Colleges with top business, technology, cyber-security and STEM programs.

Employment By Industry:

24% Trade, Transportation, Utilities 

18% Education and Healthcare

17% Government

10% Professional and Science 

8% Arts, Entertainment, Food Services

7% Construction 

6% Manufacturing

5% Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 

5% Other Services

Workforce Development Resources:

Harford County Technical Training Grant 

Maryland Workforce Exchange

MD DLLR Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Susquehanna Workforce Network

Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore