Toter Program

The City of Aberdeen designates the standard trash and recycling container to be 64 gallons.  Residents must use the Toters provided by the City for Trash and Recycling.  Residential units that exceed the disposal of trash on a regular weekly basis must secure a permit and pay additional annual fees to the Finance Department at City Hall.  Bulk fees are in effect for any additonal pick-ups.  Note:  Each residential unit is allocated one "free" pickup per fiscal year (Jul 1 through June 30). Those residents that wish to decline Trash and Recycling services must notify CIty Hall and submit a form.  It will be processed accordingly and Public Works will retrieve the City containers.   

We do not have any special assistance for elderly or disabled residents utilizing the Toters.  We encourage those residents to seek assistance from their neighbor or make other arrangements if it becomes a hardship.  The Department of Public works performs 4,600 stops each week to service trash and recycling. It is the resident's responsibility to bring trash and recyling to the curb.

Additional Trash Container Information
Preferred Display Method for Trash Container Permit
Environmental Documents


Q:  What is a “Toter ®”? 
A:  A Toter® is a two-wheel cart (trash can) for residential homeowners that allow City staff to collect residential waste and recycling.

Q: Why has the City gone to a standard container?
A:  Residents place bags of trash and recycling out on the street in a mixture of cans, container sizes, and bags that make it difficult for our City staff to collect.  Using a City provided container, our staff will be able to use a mechanical assist to lift the containers and empty the trash container into the rear of the truck.

Q:  Do I have to use the City’s provided container?
A:  Yes. The City will only service trash and recycling from residential units with an approved container.

Q:  Why must I use an approved container? 
A:  Ease of Use – The containers are designed for easy maneuvering, even when full of refuse. Sanitation – containers prevent animal scavenging.  Aesthetics – the container’s size and shape prevent tipping over, even in high winds. The lid attachment minimizes spills, windblown litter, and rainwater infiltration, overall a cleaner curbside appearance.

Q:   What size are the containers?
A:   Each residential unit received a 64-gallon container for trash and a 64-gallon container for recycling.  A typical family, under normal weekly use, should find the containers sufficient to meet their needs as long as residents make every effort to recycle.  A recent survey reflected the average residential unit disposed of 31 lbs. of trash and recycled 8 lbs. per week.  When placing the new recycling and trash containers curbside, residents must ensure that the lid remains securely fastened to prevent rain, snow and critters from entering the containers.

Q:  What if I go over the 64-gallon container? 
A:  If you frequently exceed more than 2 times a month you will be required to secure a permit with an annual fee from City Hall to be attached to an approved second container for pick up.

Q: Are the containers mine to keep?
A:  The City issued container are the property of the City and stay with the property should you move.

Q:  How do I dispose of my old containers?
A:   You can put the old containers out on your trash day clearly marked that it is to be disposed of. However, you may elect to keep your containers for other uses around the house such as yard waste.

Q:  Can I mark my containers for easy identification?
A:  Each container has a serial number for ease of identification.  You may place a label with your house number or other identification on the inside lid of the container. Please do not mark, spray paint, or alter the outside of the containers.

Q:  What do I do if my containers become damaged?
A:  The containers are very sturdy and with normal use have a long and useful life span.  Please contact our maintenance shop at 410-272-1414 if your container is damaged.  Our staff will determine if the damage is covered under normal wear and tear (i.e. warranty), if not, then the resident will be responsible for reimbursing the City for any replacement containers.

Q:  What if my City owned container gets stolen?
A:  Residents must take reasonable precautions to secure their containers.  Please contact the Police Department if you suspect your container stolen.

Q:  Where do I store these containers?
A:  Please store the containers in your garage, a shed, or behind your home. Your neighbors appreciate the most discrete storage of your trash containers.

Q:  Am I required to use a plastic bag in the trash container for my waste?
A:  Residents are required to place raw waste and garbage within plastic bags prior to placing in the trash container.  This will prevent a health hazard to both our employees and the community.

Q:  How will trash collection be paid for?
A:  Trash collection will be paid for by the City from Property Tax Assessment.  However, the program specifies fees for excess bulk and waste as specified in our ordinance.  Please view E-codes 360 here for specifics.

Q:  I’ve heard that your now charging for bulk.  Is this true?
A:  Each residential unit is allotted one free bulk pickup per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Additional pickups are subject to the following rates: 

  • Large appliance (i.e. mattresses, couches, dressers, sofas, stoves, refrigerators, etc.) up to three (3) items per pickup: $20 per item
  • Small appliances (chairs, tables, desks) approximately three (3) to five (5) items per pickup (one person can easily pick up and load onto the truck and is less than 50 lbs. each):  $10 per pickup

The Department of Public Works shall have the right to determine within reason the fee for the bulky item for disposal.

Q:  Will Collection days, Bulk Pick Up or Yard Waste Change? 
A:  No, the schedule will remain the same.