Charter and Code


Ordinance No. 17-O-10, Amendment of FY 2017 Budget (6)

Charter Amendment Resolution No. 17-CR-01, Revisions to City's Structure of Government




1) Ordinance No. 13-O-01, Ethics Amended

2) Ordinance No. 13-O-02 Ethics Amended (2)

3) Ordinance No. 13-O-03, Budget FY 2013-2014

4) Ordinance No. 13-O-04, Repeal of Security Cameras

5) Ordinance No. 13-O-05, Council Salaries

6) Ordinance No. 13-O-06, Revision of Sign Regulations

7) Ordinance No. 13-O-07, Personnel Manual Revision

8) Ordinance No. 13-O-08, Law Enforcement Mutual Aid   

9) Ordinance No. 13-O-09, Revision, Development Code TOD


10) Ordinance No. 14-O-01, Campaign Finance

11) Ordinance No. 14-O-02, Candidate Qualifications

12) Ordinance No. 14-O-03, Mayor and Council Compensation

13) Ordinance No. 14-O-04, Grading and Sediment Control

14) Ordinance No. 14-O-05, Revision, TOD Regulations

15) Ordinance No. 14-O-06, Amendment to the Code of the City of Aberdeen Chapter 250, Environmental Control

16) Ordinance. No. 14-O-07, Amendment TOD District Sectional Map

17) Ordinance No. 14-O-08, Acceptance, Curry Family Trust Deed

18) Ordinance. No. 14-O-09, Prohibition, Parking Unregistered Vehicles

19) Ordinance .No. 14-O-10, Rev., Ethics Commission, City Atty. Advice

20) Ordinance No. 14-O-11, Budget FY 2014-2015- Adopted

21) Ordinance. No. 14-O-12, Amendments, Heritage Trust, Chapter 61

22) Ordinance. No. 14-O-13, Amend, 2011 Comprehensive Plan 

23) Ordinance. No. 14-O-14, Revision, Police Department Hours of Work

24) Ordinance No. 14-O-15, Repealing Registration for Bicycles

25) Ordinance. No. 14-O-16, Revision,Chapter 190, Alarms

26) Ordinance No. 14-O-17, Not Used

27) Ordinance No. 14-O-18, OPEB


1) Ordinance No. 15-O-01, Revision, Integrated Business District

2) Ordinance. No. 15-O-02, Accessory Uses, Other Restrictions

3) Ordinance No. 15-O-03, Exclusion from Public Parks

4)  Ordinance No. 15-O-04, Trash Collection Stickers

5)  Ordinance No. 15-O-05, Budget FY 2015-2016

6)  Ordinance. No. 15-O-06, Amendment, Peddling and Soliciting

7) Ordinance No. 15-O-07, Not Used

7)  Ordinance No. 15-O-08, Personnel Manual Amendment


1) Ordinance No. 16-O-01, Adequate Public Facilities

2) Ordinance No. 16-O-02, Trees and Vegetation

3) Ordinance No. 16-O-03, Floodplain Management Ordinance

4) Ordinance No. 16-O-04, Not Used

5) Ordinance No. 16-O-05, Amendment FY16 Budget

6) Ordinance No. 16-O-06, Amendment to FY16 Budget (2)

7) Ordinance No. 16-O-07, Property Maintenance

8) Ordinance No. 16-O-08, Nuisance Abatement

9) Ordinance No. 16-O-09, Vegetation Abatement

10) Ordinance No. 16-O-10, Police Memorandium of Understanding

11) Ordinance No. 16-O-11, Authorization for Refunding of Debt

12) Ordinance No. 16-O-12, Budget FY 2017

13) Ordinance No. 16-O-13, Trash Collection Stickers Fees

14) Ordinance No. 16-O-14, Zoning Application Fees

15) Ordinance No. 16-O-15 (Emergency), Amendment of FY 2016 Budget (3)

16) Ordinance No. 16-O-16 (Emergency), Amendment of FY 2016 Budget (4)

17) Ordinance No. 16-O-17, Forest Conservation

18) Ordinance No. 16-O-18, Amendment of FY 2017 Budget 

19) Ordinance No. 16-O-19, Amendment of FY 2016 Budget (5) (Emergency)

 20) Ordinance No. 16-O-20, Transfer of Code Enforcement Duties and Responsibilities (Emergency)

21) Ordinance No. 16-O-21, Amendment of FY 2017 Budget (2)

22) Ordinance No. 16-O-22, Amendment to the City of Aberdeen Employee Personnel Policy Manual

23) Ordinance No. 16-O-23, A Procurement Policy


1) Ordinance No. 17-O-01, Development Code Revisions (not available yet)

2) Emergency Ordinance No. 17-O-02, Borrowing Authorization

3) Ordinance No. 17-O-03, Amendment of FY 2017 Budget (3)

4) Ordinance No. 17-O-04, Sewer Notes Authorization

5) Ordinance No. 17-O-05, Use of Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenues

6) Ordinance No. 17-O-06, Amendment of FY2017 Budget (4) Emergency

7) Ordinance No. 17-O-07,Funding of Aberdeen Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

8) Ordinance No. 17-O-08, Prohibited Occupancy

9) Ordinance No. 17-O-09, Amendment of FY 2017 Budget (5)

10) Ordinance No. 17-O-10, Amendment of FY 2017 Budget (6) (currently under Pending Legislation)

Charter Resolutions


 1) Charter Resolution No. 13-CR-01, Exemption from County Laws

2) Charter Resolution No. 13-CR-02, AFD Life Member Spouse Tax Reduction


1) Charter Resolution No. 14-CR-01, Revisions to the City's electoral process

2) Charter Resolution No. 14-CR-02, Mayor and Council Member Qualifications


1) Charter Amendment Resolution No. 16-CR-01, Borrowing Authority - Notes

2) Charter Amendment Resolution No. 16-CR-02, Resolving Electoral Tie Votes



1) Resolution No. 13-R-01, Sewer Lining Equipment Debt

2) Resolution No. 13-R-02, Bay Restoration Hardship Policy

3) Resolution No. 13-R-03, Annexation Plan- Dumas, LLC

4) Resolution No. 13-R-04, Annexation Plan Presbyterian Home

5) Resolution No. 13-R-04, Presbytarian Home Annexation Plan

6) Resolution No. 13-R-05, Harford Family House

7) Resolution No. 13-R-06, The Highland School Project

8) Resolution No. 13-R-07, Boys & Girls Clubs Project

9) Resolution No. 13-R-08, The LASOS Project

10) Resolution No. 13-R-09, Community Legacy Application

11) Resolution No. 13-R-10, Habitat for Humanity, Community  Legacy

12) Resolution No. 13-R-11, Strategic Demolition, Smart Growth Impact Fund

13) Resolution No. 13-R.12, MEA Support of Energy Policies and Plans

14) Resolution No. 13-R-13, Enterprise Zone for Aldi's Grocery Store


 1) Resolution No. 14-R-01, Debt Policy Amended

 2) Resolution No. 14-R-02, Fund Balance Policy

 3) Resolution No. 14-R-03, Mason Dixon Home Care

 4) Resolution No. 14-R-07, Harford Family House Project

 5) Resolution No. 14-R-08, Inner County Outreach Project Adopted

 6) Resolution No. 14-R-09, Aberdeen Police Department Pension Plan, Sixth Amendment Adopted

 7) Resolution No. 14-R-10, Community Legacy, DHDC Adopted

 8) Resolution No. 14-R-11, Strategic Demolition Smart Growth Impact Fund, DHCD Adopted

 9) Resolution No. 14-R-12, Sustainable Maryland (adopted)

 10) Resolution No. 14-R-13, Home2 Suites for the Greater Aberdeen-Havre de Grace Enterprise Zone

 11) Resolution No. 14-R-14, Healthy Eating Active Living Initiative (HEAL)

12) Resolution No. 14-R-15, Frito Lay, Inc. for the Greater Aberdeen-Havre De Grace Enterprise Zone


 1) Resolution No. 15-R-01, Harford Family House Project

 2) Resolution No. 15-R-02, Greater Aberdeen/Havre de Grace Enterprise Zone Award

 3) Resolution No. 15-R-03, LASOS, Inc. Project

 4) Resolution No. 15-R-04, Boys & Girls Clubs Project

 5) Resolution No. 15-R-05, SARC, Inc. Project

 6) Resolution No. 15-R-06, Medline Industries, Inc.

 7) Resolution No. 15-R-07, Community Legacy Application

 8) Resolution No. 15-R-08, Strategic Demolition, Smart Growth

 9) Resolution No. 15-R-09, Aberdeen Xchange, LLC Real Property Tax Credit

 10) Resolution No. 15-R-10, Aberdeen Police Department Retirement Pension Plan, Seventh Amendment


1) Resolution No. 16-R-01, Hardy Family Series Annexation Plan

2) Resolution No. 16-R-03, Hardy Family Series LLC Annexation

3) Resolution No. 16-R-04, Terms of Bond Refunding - Tax Exempt

4) Resolution No. 16-R-05, Terms of Bond Refunding - Taxable

5) Resolution No. 16-R-06, Support for Harford Family House Project

6) Resolution No. 16-R-07, Greater Aberdeen/Havre de Grace Enterprise Zone Expansion

7) Resolution No. 16-R-08, Community Development Block Grant Funds Plan for Use

8) Resolution No. 16-R-09, Support for Community Legacy Application

9) Resolution No. 16-R-10,Support for Strategic Demolition and Smart Growth Impact Fund (1)  - Dropped

10) Resolution No. 16-R-11, Greater Aberdeen - Havre De Grace Enterprise Zone Renewal

11) Resolution No. 16-R-12, Support for Strategic demolition and Smart Growth Impact Fund (2)

12) Resolution No. 16-R-13, Resolution of Support for Frito Lay, Inc.

13) Resolution No. 16-R-14, Greater Aberdeen-Havre de Grace Enterprise Zone, Frito Lay, Inc.

14) Resolution No. 16-R-15, MD Dept. of Housing & Community Development Main Street Affiliate Program

15) Resolution No. 16-R-16, Support of the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Workforce Memorial

16) Resolution No. 16-R-17, Resolution for the Scheduling of Council Work Sessions


1) Resolution No. 17-R-01, Amendment to City of Aberdeen Investment Policy

2) Resolution No.17-R-02, Terms of M&T Bank Sewer Note